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1. What makes FamilyCare different from other companies?

At FamilyCare, we know seniors. We have been providing services to seniors in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and Suffolk for more than 30 years. We are locally owned and managed by professionals who are your lifelong neighbors. The same individuals who founded the company in 1983 are still running FamilyCare today. That kind of continuity helps to ensure a high level of care for each client and peace of mind for the family. With FamilyCare, you can be confident that we will be there when you need us.

2. How are Caregivers supervised?

A Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Certified Geriatric Care Manager carefully supervise all FamilyCare cases. Routine quality assurance visits and regular reviews of the care plan ensure that the care provided is appropriate and of the highest quality. Caregiver notes (Nursing notes) are reviewed on a weekly basis.

3. I understand you offer Certified Geriatric Care Management. What services are provided?

Caregiving is not an easy role, nor is it one for which most of us are prepared. We will assign a Geriatric Care Manager, certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, to work with you to assess your older loved ones needs and create a customized plan to help with the many facets of aging. She will coordinate and provide healthcare and home services, act as a liaison to families separated by distance and identify alternative living arrangements. Think of our Geriatric Care Management program as a lifeline in helping families cope with the many challenges of caring for an aging family member.

4. My mom’s neighbor knows a lady who says she will care for my mom. Why should I use FamilyCare rather than the neighbor’s friend or someone out of the newspaper? It seems cheaper.

There are several reasons why FamilyCare should be your choice for home care. First, all of our Caregivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. Our large staff of quality employees ensures that the most compatible and reliable Caregiver will be there for your family member. Secondly, there are many potential problems if you are the employer. Taxes, lawsuits from on-the-job injuries and the possibility of financial and physical abuse are ever-present in an unsupervised situation. The choice is certainly yours, but we suggest that you consider every option when making this important decision regarding your loved ones. (See The FamilyCare Difference)

5. My mom is in an assisted living facility but could use some extra personal care. Can you help?

Our goal is to make things as easy for our clients and their loved ones as possible. If a client calls an assisted living location "home," we are happy to provide supplementary services in a facility setting. Some facilities have limitations regarding the scope of services, but we work closely with assisted living facilities to ensure continuity of services.

6. My sister and I live out of state. How can we stay updated on our mom and dad’s situation in Virginia Beach?

We have several ways we communicate with out-of-town family members. We are happy to e-mail you a periodic report to keep you advised of the care process. If you prefer, a Certified Geriatric Care Manager or Nursing Supervisor will telephone you at predetermined intervals to update you. You, of course, may also call the office regularly for updates. Lastly, after a monthly quality review visit, we will be sure to contact you if any changes have occurred and if the care plan needs adjusting.

7. My sisters and I can't seem to agree about what to do with our dad, who has dementia. What should I do?

FamilyCare can help. A Certified Geriatric Care Manager can meet with your family and act as an objective mediator for you and your siblings. She can help you sort out the variety of long-term care options and assist in developing a plan of action that will be beneficial to all concerned.

8. My dad has fallen a couple of times within the past several months. Although I don't think he needs home care at this point, I am concerned. Any suggestions?

FamilyCare has teamed with Lifeline, a manufacturer of personal monitoring devices, to provide advanced personal monitoring systems. Easy to use and affordable, the system has equipment options that include a compact Help Responder Console, a unique Fall Detector sensor and a personal medication device. We can provide a free, no-obligation evaluation and offer some safety measures that may help the situation. Call us for information at 757-673-6981.

The FamilyCare Difference
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 “Your organization has gone the extra mile on many occasions. It is obvious that your people are honestly concerned about the people they are caring for.”
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