You’ve Got Mail!

People who are homebound often look forward to the arrival of the mail each day. Asking the homebound person to be responsible for going through the mail can result in a sense of accomplishment in having completed a necessary household task. In addition, you might want to find ways to increase the amount of mail your loved one receives. Putting his or her name on the mailing list for a few catalogs, subscribing to a new magazine, or requesting information from organizations of interest will increase the volume of mail and give your loved one something to do after sorting the mail. Some seniors like to shop by catalog and look forward to receiving their purchases in the mail. Fortunately, an increasing number of companies are offering free shipping these days. In conjunction with some local libraries, the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped offers Braille and audio books by postage-free mail for people who are eligible. Certainly, receiving a new book by mail would brighten any reader’s day.

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