The Importance of a Personal Calendar

Seniors who live with their children may begin to feel as if they have lost control of their life. They no longer get to make decisions about schedules and finances. They may feel that their needs are not given the same attention as other family issues. People with mobility or health concerns feel this lack of control even more acutely. For instance, the mother of one of our blog readers became increasingly fragile and increasingly frustrated with her inability to move around on her own. Whenever she had a doctor’s appointment or another event outside the home, she became more and more agitated as the day progressed, asking her daughter repeatedly if this was the day, and insisting it was time to leave. Her daughter found it difficult to answer the same questions over and over. Then her daughter found a solution. She hung a calendar next to the chair where her mom spends much of her time. Now, they write appointments and engagements on the calendar. They agree on the time they will leave the house, and they note it on the calendar as well. Whenever her mother has a question about the day’s schedule, she can look at the calendar and reassure herself that she will be able to meet her obligations—that she is, in fact, in control of her life. Your loved one will feel comforted to know what’s on the schedule, and may even enjoy turning over the page each month. Sometimes small changes have significant benefits for everyone.

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