FamilyCare Offers Helping Hands for Daily Tasks

helping senior with bills

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to perform the simple tasks of daily life, such as going to the grocery store, making telephone calls or paying bills. There comes a time when some people need so much help with personal activities that they become overwhelmed and their family members can’t keep up. That’s where professionals here at FamilyCare can help. In addition to skilled care and geriatric care management services, we offer an array of personal services and can provide anything from personal monitoring services to tasks such as running errands, cooking meals, ironing clothes or writing letters. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to so they still feel connected to the world. If your loved one needs a hand with the chores of daily living, don’t feel like you have to take on everything yourself. We have all the helping hands you may need. Call us today at (757) 399-9700.

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